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Electronic Rescue and Locating System

The Electronic Rescue and Location System, (enos) is an innovative safety feature and a must-have for adventure divers and seafarers.

The system allows for an immediate and effective response to water-related incidents, thus ensuring your safety at sea.

Enos is fully self-supportive and works by combining two reliable modes of communication: GPS-navigation and Radio transmission.

The enos unit is composed of a single receiver and one or more transmitters.

The receiver is the command-centre from which a rescue operation is managed. Once activated, it displays its position by GPS (Global Positioning System) and is immediately ready to receive and evaluate signals from the transmitter.

When the transmitter is switched on, it too indicates its position via GPS. The coordinates are then sent to the receiver by a license-free radio-frequency. The position of the transmitters and their distance and direction from the receiver are all displayed on an easy-to-understand screen, making a stressful and potentially life-threatening situation easily avoided.

Enos is a world first in
Self-Contained Rescue Systems:

A major advantage of enos is that it is completely independent i.e. it does not use chargeable Telecommunication-Services (cellular-, satellite-transmission) or government Rescue-Services.

This modern unit is also cost effective, easy to handle and can be universally installed.

Enos is well suited to all kinds of water-sports, such as scuba-diving, wind-surfing and jet skiing, or can be used on vessels as a Man-Over-Board-System (MOB).

Enos is also employed as a safety measure for shipping companies and oil-rigs, as well as by people who undertake long distance crossings in remote areas.

Thanks to its own power source, enos is mobile and can even be used in lifeboats and liferafts.

Recent research has shown that most water-related accidents happen at the surface, making enos an indispensable safety device for a quick, direct and independent rescue-operation.


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